Jul 12

Blizzard recently released a raid instance acting as a prelude to their upcoming Cataclysm expac. The Ruby Sanctum added three mini-bosses, as well as a new Lich-King level raid encounter (ilvl 271 drops for RS25) to tide the masses over until Cataclysm’s release date.

Unpossible stepped inside with high hopes, wiped a few times to trash packs of all things.. and thought to itself  ‘CCing adds? mini-bosses that hit hard? Sounds like Halion will be a challenge!’

……not so much! 18% on the first attempt. A few attempts later and the loot was being handed out. For a guild with a historical tendency to die over, and over, and over, and over again on idiot check fights, we did strangely well with this one.

Shennanigans. Anyways, congrats guys!

Jul 8
A heroic case of VD
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Anyways, yeah. We added yet another hardmode kill to our resume tonight; taking down Valithria Dreamwalker hardmode in ICC25.

That brings us up to 6/12 hardmodes. A little behind the curve, but hey, as always we get this shit done without having to spend every waking hour in front of the computer. Great week all. More hardmodes next week!

Jul 7
A pile of puppies
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That right there, is a pile of puppies. Golden retriever puppies. They’re so damn cute. I can’t think of anything that could be more adorable. Maybe a pile of kittens. But they’d probably claw the shit out of your arms the moment you tried to pick one up. Fuck that. I’ll take the puppies.

I want to go out. Right now. Find some puppies. Buy them. Bring them home, and re-create this picture.

What does this have to do with Unpossible? Not a fucking thing. But we did take down ***FIVE HARD-MODES IN ICC25 after our recent Lich King kill. To celebrate, you should go out and buy some puppies.

A pile of them.

***Lord Marrowgar, Roftface, Festergut, Gunship, Blood-Queen Lana’thel hardmodes down

Jul 4

Unpossible has completed its first Shadowmourne!

After countless hours toiling away in the depths of Icecrown Citadel, the weapon is complete. Bask in the awesome….

…..for a few more months at least, until it gets tossed in the bank along with Sulfuras and Thunderfury because it was outclassed by a fucking green OF THE WHALE.

Awesome. Recruiting btw! See forums for details.

Jul 4

So yeah, killed Lich King a few weeks back, but I am a slacker so yeah. Hardmodes have been started, some have been done, some are actually hard. It’s all good times.

Mar 29
Ms. Blow us all up died
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She died real good. Also updated recruiting needs.

Are you looking for a new guild? Then you’ve come to the right place!

<Unpossible> is a semi-casual raiding guild that has been around on Zul’jin since vanilla WoW. We have been quite successful with raid progression on our own terms.

What does that mean, you ask? Well, we down bosses- lots of them. We’re 10/12 in ICC25. Not bad for only raiding 3 days (less than 12 hours) a week. We keep a limited number of raiders in our ranks. Just enough to consistently fill raids, but not so many that people need to be benched.

Haven’t heard much about us before? Here’s why. We’re a tightly-knit group of friends in a drama-free environment. Now, that doesn’t mean we’re boring. Actually, we’re far from it. We still joke around, poke fun of each other relentlessly, and insult Zabos’s (ab)use of the English language. We even have an unspoken competition for the worst pun of the day. We have people from all walks of life within our midst- students, parents, lawyers, techies, young, old, and in-between. Even a few Canadians, eh?

We are seeking a handful of outstanding and dependable players to join our unique and fun-loving family. Are you interested? Mildly curious perhaps?

What we want from you:
-Attend at least 75% of our raids per month.
-Have a complete and thorough understanding of your class.

Our raiding schedule:
-Monday through Wednesday: 8:30pm to 12:00am (Raid start to finish)
-Thursday through Sunday: Anything goes!

What we need:
Holy Paladin
Ret Paladin

If you feel may be the guild for you, please register at http://www.bent-wookie.com/forums with your character name, so we know you aren’t spam 🙂

Take time to read through the application guidelines on the forums to know more about us.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Dianarah or Zabos through private message on the guild forums, in-game mail, or tells.

Mar 11
Good news everybody!
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I can tank (a little bit) on  Prof. Putricide! That is the sole reason  he has done his final experiment. Uh huh. Nobody else was there and contributed to all the mechanics, like eating slimes, moving away from goo, killing add’s etc. just me and my halfway there tank gear. Srsly.

Great job everybody as usual. I guess that 200K wipe didnt just piss me off cause he went down faster than Yanlou with a few drinks in him after that. Blood Queen is trembling in her…. whatever that outfit is.

Feb 25

So I never updated when Festergut died, but hey, Valithria has been saved! Yay us! Now if only she had stuck around to help with more bosses or some such. Ah well. I guess having a goat and a cow in the raid helped eh?

Screenshot update!

Jan 19

I learned how to kite the big blobs (finally), everybody else didn’t mess up, and so he dies. Woe lost the roll, I got my blood. All is good with the world. Since we all forgot to take a screenshot (again), I present you with, Zombie My Little Pony.


Oct 28

Yoggles Dead



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