Dec 19

With the recent release of the Cataclysm expansion, several of Unpossible’s finest stepped up to compete with the rest of the server for the Realm-First feats of strength. In spite of fierce competition, server troubles, and the general bugginess of the launch, Wistoovern and Woe landed several of the once-in-a-lifetime achievements.

Congratulations to Wistoovern of Unpossible on Realm First! Grandmaster and Illustrious Archaeologist!

Congratulations to Woe of Unpossible on Realm First! Level 85 and Level 85 Death Knight!

Nov 11
New poll in the members’ forums!
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See the members’ forums for details. 🙂

Oct 5

Blizzcon is right around the corner, and as such, it’s a good time to get your ticket information all printed out and ready. In order to pick up the physical tickets in Anaheim, you will need to have certain information on hand.

For each ticket purchased, an email was sent out today to the account used for the purchase itself. Each email includes a barcode unique to each ticket that will be required in order to retrieve the actual tickets.

For those members of Unpossible who had their tickets purchased by someone else, you will need to get the barcode information from the purchaser ahead of time in order to pick up your tickets.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask Woe in-game or on the forums.

Sep 26

..not a creature was screeching, not even our new shiny mounts!

We steamrolled the instance
No trouble in sight,
until that bitch Sindragosa,
who put up a fight.

We finally got her,
Hooray! Yippee!
Now it’s time to brag
And spread some envy

Sep 12

One last vote for the Blizzcon attendees in Unpossible!

If you’re planning on staying in Anaheim this year for Blizzcon, please take the time to check out the poll posted at the following link. Be sure to send your response to Woe on the forums.


Thursday Night Stuff

Sep 1

Unpossible has earned its second Shadowmourne, and with it, has picked up yet another Sealed Chest!

The lucky recipients this time around were as follows:

Reins of the Crimson Deathcharger Shadowriver
Muradin’s Favor Lodur
Sylvanas’ Music Box Wandarla
Jaina’s Locket Shammyx
Tabard of the Lightbringer Xemwej

Congratulations all! Let’s see if we can’t knock out a third axe before Cataclysm!

Sep 1

…as an undead dwarf, wearing nothing more than a pink shirt, wielding Shadowmourne. Try as you might, you’ll never be this hot.

A well-deserved congratulations to Xemwej, Unpossible’s second wielder of the legendary axe. The winners of the Sealed Chest will be listed here following our next Lich King kill.

Congratulations again, you hideous, vile dwarf. May your enemies always flee in terror, and may it be because of the axe, and not your pale deformed, unshaved dwarf legs.

Aug 26
Hide your children and pets
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Xemwej is on the prowl.

Aug 23

Woooo! Blizzcon is almost here!

We’re right around the two months mark until Blizzcon 2010. By and large, everyone has their hotel accommodations, plane tickets, and transportation arrangements set in stone. Several people are driving, others are renting, so there should be plenty of seats available for getting around in Anaheim.

Three new polls have been posted in our member’s forums to decide where and what we’ll be doing outside of the convention hours. All Unpossible Blizzcon-goers are needed to cast their votes at their earliest convenience. The earlier we get these details hashed out, the easier it will be to lock down reservations, and transportation arrangements ahead of time.

The polls are as follows:

Dinner Voting Booth

Daytime Activities

Nighttime Activities

Jul 15


For the past few years, Unpossible has managed to support a respectable showing at the annual Blizzcon event in Anaheim, CA; a convention celebrating Blizzard’s intellectual property (namely the Warcraft, Diablo, and Starcraft universes). The event has historically been held at the Anaheim Convention Center, and this year is no exception.

This particular convention will mark the third year members of the guild have gathered to attend, and is looking to be our largest showing yet. 16-20 members of Unpossible will be present in Anaheim, and as such, need to figure out what to do outside of convention hours.

If you’re a member of Unpossible who is planning to attend, please visit the forums! I’ll be posting polls to narrow down what we do in Aneheim (besides Blizzcon)


Just a brief note on a minor change in Unpossible’s recruiting system. The length of time a Bent-Wookie (probationary rank) stays in the rank prior to being voted to Veteran or Raider has been reduced from six weeks to four weeks.

As always, our recruiting procedures are detailed at length on our forums.

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