Jul 6
Sealed Chest Spoils!
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Most think of Shadowmourne as the be-all, end-all reward of the Icecrown Citadel quest chain. But not so! There’s a little-known bonus once the wielder of the legendary kills the Lich-King.

The Lich-King will drop an item called the Sealed Chest one time, and one time only, per legendary. The item begins a quest to return the items inside the chest to their rightful owners. The quest items are all bind-on-pickup, however the rewards are bind-on-equip.

The rewards are five unique vanity items, as rare as the axe itself. Pretty nifty stuff.

Unpossible recently finished Shadowmourne, and last night, took down the Lich King, earning a Sealed Chest as a result. The items were rewarded to raiders present at the kill. The lucky recipients were:

Reins of the Crimson Deathcharger Medley
Muradin’s Favor Radric
Sylvanas’ Music BoxArchaan
Jaina’s LocketSkrod
Tabard of the LightbringerWoe

Congrats all!

Dec 15
Wrath raiding is starting up!
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Make sure to update your character level to 80 in the raid signups. If your having issues due to a name change or email change, let me know in game or a PM o the forums so I can fix it. I added DK’s to the signup sheet so the 2 DK’s can create the proper characters.

Aug 2
Poor Totchen
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It’s so sad when someone misses out on certain loots.


May 25

Hey, thats 2 hack atacks in 2 days! and on the long weekend no less! Isnt that just grand? PHPraider is down until a fix is found for the latest exploit. And if your the little douchebags that have nothing better to do but ruin my long weekend? FUCK YOU. I know your IP’s are probably some remote machine you took control over, but they are still being reported.

For everybody else, sorry. Shit will be better eventually.

Mar 4
Forum Login Issues
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Yep, I am aware. Basically the odd login issues that had been happening since the update where due to a mistake I did in the setup. I had to change some settings in the cookies, but you have to now delete your old cookies to create new ones. DO NOT USE the delete cookies link on the forum. You HAVE to delete the cookies in your web browser. If you are having issue and havent nuked the browser cookies (in the browser setting, NOT the website), this is the first thing to do, as the old cookies will NOT work. If you do this and still have login issues, or dont know how to delete cookies in your browser, email me at gnomos@gmail.com. I’ve done this with 3 different computers and 3 different browsers so I am pretty sure it’s the fix.

Feb 26
Dont forget to vote!…
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For the new “look” in the forums.

Feb 17
New Raid Software!
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We’re using a new phpRaid software version. Everyone will need to re-create their characters by scratch.

Details on the procedure are included on the phpRaid announcement board. Contact Maruda or Heim for any questions!

Feb 17
Update is moving along
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Have patience, it’s coming.

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