Mar 31

So for the second night in Hyjal, we took down the second boss. Nothing really clever to say. Once you have the infernal under control there’s not much to him. So, without further adieu, Anetheron joins Winternuts.


Mar 27
Is this a boss?
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Maybe someone out there can help pinpoint how exactly Rage is a boss, considering we ran into Hyjal (after our usual boss spanking) to take a peek, started the event, and after some trash waves we got a solo mob that says it was a boss, but died on our first shot trying the event.

Oh well, the game says he’s a boss, so here it is:

The easiest boss in the game, Rage Winternuts!


Mar 25

I mean really. High poombah of the Belfs and he goes down like a punk after what? 5 or 6 nights?

Unpossible zomg does it again! And the day before 2.4 hits and makes it unecesary to kill him, so to the scrubs that will just skip him cause he’s to hard or whatever, all I can say is

“Neener neener”

Kael’thas dead

Mar 4
Forum Login Issues
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Yep, I am aware. Basically the odd login issues that had been happening since the update where due to a mistake I did in the setup. I had to change some settings in the cookies, but you have to now delete your old cookies to create new ones. DO NOT USE the delete cookies link on the forum. You HAVE to delete the cookies in your web browser. If you are having issue and havent nuked the browser cookies (in the browser setting, NOT the website), this is the first thing to do, as the old cookies will NOT work. If you do this and still have login issues, or dont know how to delete cookies in your browser, email me at I’ve done this with 3 different computers and 3 different browsers so I am pretty sure it’s the fix.

Mar 3

And while there, we had some nice BBQ Chicken. Grats on another kill everybody!

Al’ar kill