Aug 31
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I am the prettiest little ballerina around!

Aug 26
It’s all a a lie!
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Aug 26
Hide your children and pets
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Xemwej is on the prowl.

Aug 23

Woooo! Blizzcon is almost here!

We’re right around the two months mark until Blizzcon 2010. By and large, everyone has their hotel accommodations, plane tickets, and transportation arrangements set in stone. Several people are driving, others are renting, so there should be plenty of seats available for getting around in Anaheim.

Three new polls have been posted in our member’s forums to decide where and what we’ll be doing outside of the convention hours. All Unpossible Blizzcon-goers are needed to cast their votes at their earliest convenience. The earlier we get these details hashed out, the easier it will be to lock down reservations, and transportation arrangements ahead of time.

The polls are as follows:

Dinner Voting Booth

Daytime Activities

Nighttime Activities