Mar 9
Dead bosses everywhere!
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Picture unrelated!

It’s been a bit since I’ve updated the homepage. With good reason. Unpossible has had a dearth of raiders after our impressive progress in the Icecrown hardmodes. Long-time raiders either went casual, or stopped playing entirely. As such, it’s been tough fielding 25-man raids.

In lieu of this, the management here swapped over to a 10-man raiding model, with a handful of static teams working towards progression. The results have been pretty good so far. 🙂

Halfus Wyrmbreaker. DEAD
Valiona and Theralion. DEAD
Ascendant Council. DEAD
Magmaw. DEAD
Omnotron Council. DEAD
Conclave of Winds. DEAD
Atramedes. DEAD
Maloriak. DEAD
Chimaeron. DEAD

9/12, with the three end bosses of each instance on notice. Cho’gall at 10%. I expect a kill post soon. 🙂

Mar 8
Forum broken
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Yes, I know it’s broken. I am working on it, but am running into a fun pile of issues all of the sudden, so it may be a while.

Plus you know, that whole job/work thing.




And working again, All the customizing stuff is lost for now though, but posts and users are intact.