The fire, it….doesn’t really burn that much actually.

Blizzard recently released a raid instance acting as a prelude to their upcoming Cataclysm expac. The Ruby Sanctum added three mini-bosses, as well as a new Lich-King level raid encounter (ilvl 271 drops for RS25) to tide the masses over until Cataclysm’s release date.

Unpossible stepped inside with high hopes, wiped a few times to trash packs of all things.. and thought to itself  ‘CCing adds? mini-bosses that hit hard? Sounds like Halion will be a challenge!’

……not so much! 18% on the first attempt. A few attempts later and the loot was being handed out. For a guild with a historical tendency to die over, and over, and over, and over again on idiot check fights, we did strangely well with this one.

Shennanigans. Anyways, congrats guys!

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