Unpossible General Recruiting Closed!

Unpossible’s latest round of general recruiting is now finished. We picked up more than a few quality folks this time, bringing our raider ranks back up to a very comfortable number.

For those still in the pipeline, you have a few more days to secure a sponsor. If you have already secured a sponsor, have no fear, your application will proceed as normal.

Exceptional applicants will not be turned away, however be warned that what constitutes ‘exceptional’ to the members of Unpossible goes beyond your gearscore, average ilvl, or achievements. This guild is a group of more or less like-minded gamers that enjoy each others company while raiding. i.e. Mouth-breathing, loot-crazed, asshats need not apply.

Friends and Family applicants are, as always, more than welcome. 🙂

If you have any questions, please feel free to chat with any of the officers.


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