Lady Deathwhisper yells, ‘You have found your way here, bec- BLAH BLAH FUCK I’M DEAD’

Unpossible grabbed that nifty achievement last night with our kill of Lady Deathwhisper hardmode in ICC25. The kill brings us to 9/12 hardmodes down.

I’m not about to say the kill was some flawless piece of perfect execution. It was messy. Messier than Zabos’ grandmother after a night out (absolutely filthy). But she’s dead. Deathwhisper, not Zabos’ grandmother. That one just will. not. die.

At any rate, good to have a challenge again in the instance. Short-lived, I imagine. I’m sure we’ll just steamroll Putricide, Sindragosa, and LK hm (lolololol).

Great job guys.

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