Dec 24
Merry Christmas Buckos!
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I missed you people. It’s been nice playing and chatting with some of you again. I may not celebrate it myself, but in a way, it was a nice present.

Yeah, I am a sappy person sometimes. Deal with it.
Merry Christmas

Dec 20
SW:TOR is live
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I know we have a little group playing already from early access, but if anybody else was looking to play with friends, it be time. I’ll be turning on new user forum registrations in a couple of days for whatever new folks we run into.

Nov 8
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So yeah, we really arent ALL gone. Just hibernating until SW:TOR releases. I am pretty stoked. I hope we have a good group come back to play.

Mar 9
Dead bosses everywhere!
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Picture unrelated!

It’s been a bit since I’ve updated the homepage. With good reason. Unpossible has had a dearth of raiders after our impressive progress in the Icecrown hardmodes. Long-time raiders either went casual, or stopped playing entirely. As such, it’s been tough fielding 25-man raids.

In lieu of this, the management here swapped over to a 10-man raiding model, with a handful of static teams working towards progression. The results have been pretty good so far. 🙂

Halfus Wyrmbreaker. DEAD
Valiona and Theralion. DEAD
Ascendant Council. DEAD
Magmaw. DEAD
Omnotron Council. DEAD
Conclave of Winds. DEAD
Atramedes. DEAD
Maloriak. DEAD
Chimaeron. DEAD

9/12, with the three end bosses of each instance on notice. Cho’gall at 10%. I expect a kill post soon. 🙂

Mar 8
Forum broken
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Yes, I know it’s broken. I am working on it, but am running into a fun pile of issues all of the sudden, so it may be a while.

Plus you know, that whole job/work thing.




And working again, All the customizing stuff is lost for now though, but posts and users are intact.

Jan 8

Unpossible is now opening GENERAL RECRUITING for all guild ranks. Pirate ranks are limited to the following class types:

-Two Healers
-Two Melee DPS
-Two Ranged DPS

For rank and recruiting details, please look in the recruiting section of the guild forums. If you have any questions, feel free to ask either Dianarah or Woe.

Dec 22

The updated raiding information, raider ranks, and general FAQ is now posted in our members’ section. It’s a pretty quick read, and has most of the pertinent information needed for those interested in raiding once official 25-man raids begin in the first week of January.

After reading, if anyone has any questions, concerns, or comments, feel free to respond in the thread, or send a pm to any of the officers.

Cataclysm Raiding for Unpossible

Dec 19

With the recent release of the Cataclysm expansion, several of Unpossible’s finest stepped up to compete with the rest of the server for the Realm-First feats of strength. In spite of fierce competition, server troubles, and the general bugginess of the launch, Wistoovern and Woe landed several of the once-in-a-lifetime achievements.

Congratulations to Wistoovern of Unpossible on Realm First! Grandmaster and Illustrious Archaeologist!

Congratulations to Woe of Unpossible on Realm First! Level 85 and Level 85 Death Knight!

Nov 11
New poll in the members’ forums!
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See the members’ forums for details. 🙂

Nov 11

Just a quick note here, in the midst of the pre-expansion doldrums. Unpossible is closing its doors until further notice. This applies not only to raider applications, but friends and family applications as well. We’ve had a steady stream of friends and family applicants over the past month, and to prevent further bloating of our numbers, will no long be accepting applications until further notice.

Any changes to recruiting will be listed both here and on our forums.

As always, if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask any of the officers. Thanks!

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